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In our offer you will find a wide range of formulations curing, spice blends, sprinkles, emulsifiers, etc.

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The "KRIST" Company is a leading manufacturer of complete seasoning mixtures and brine-injection preparations applied in meat industry.

Our offer is a wide range of curing preparates, seasoning mixtures, sprinkles, emulsifiers, etc.

Each lot of newly produced mixtures is carefully checked (tested) in processed meat products in our own Meat Processing Plant, which produces daily about 50 kinds of smoked products processed from cured meat, ham-and-sausages, offal, variety meats. The line of our own grocery stores let us to control the current market and follow the customers taste and needs.

We are the ideal partner in contacts between others meat processing factories. We have a branch of Offices in several European Union Countries, Russia, Ukraine and numerous contacts which led to many great transactions between our existing customers.

We also mediate in purchase and the sale of new and used machines and meat processing equipment.

We are open to the co-operation with meat processing plants and wholesalers.

With our kindest regards – The Owners.


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